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Sunday, 22nd of July, 2018
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When it comes to promo-merchandising & customized garments, the best of garment might be useless to you if it cannot be properly customized to suit your LOGO / BRAND.
Decoration plays a very important role in the costing of the product and the time taken to deliver the product. Decoration on apparels is mainly of two types – Printing & Embroidery.
Printing – The various kinds of printing which can be taken up are
  1. Pigment Printing
  2. Plastisol printing
  3. Rubberized Printing
  4. Puff Printing
  5. Transfer Printing
  6. Solvent Printing
  7. Etc.
Except Transfer & Solvent printing, generally, all other processes require making ‘Screens’.
‘Screens’ are usually made with a quality of fine silk or other similar material (depending on the fabric on which the print has to be done), which is pinned in a wooden frame & the artwork is ‘exposed’ on it. It is the quality of silk fabric, the ink & the gauge of the screen which determines the print output on the fabric. If normal fabric pigment inks are used, it is called Pigment printing or if Plastic or rubber inks are used, it is called ‘Plastisol printing. Pigment printing is usually the cheapest among all other types of printing.
Screen-printing process attracts the Screen making charges (Fixed Cost) & then the actual print charges (Variable Cost), which are charged on per color/per impression basis depending on the size of the impression.
In case of Transfer prints, they are of two types, one is cold peel transfer and the other one is the hot transfer. Usually the hot transfer is the popular one, where in the artwork is digitally or machine printed on transfer sheets with Special inks & later heat pressed on the garment. The pricing of transfer print is subject to the size of the logo.
Embroidery - In case of Embroidery, it is generally taken up for Polos & Collared tees. Embroidering involves two steps
  1. ‘Punching’ of artwork – where in your logo is dissected into several holes where the threads would go & give it a shade.
  2. Stitching – the stage where the machines stitches the logo on the garment.
Artwork - To take up accurate & good quality decoration, it is essential that the artwork is received in proper condition. (THIS IS THE LIFE-LINE OF DECORATION)
Here are a few tips to handle artwork whenever you are giving the same for your production on your customized garment.
  1. If artwork is on a CD or USB, ensure that it is packed properly to avoid any scratches / breakage in transit.
  2. If a positive or bromide is given, again pack properly to avoid scratches / folds. (Mention “Please do not fold” on the envelop)
  3. If a paper cut out, ensure the print is of good quality,
  4. Do not make any marks / write on the artwork
  5. Leave some space on the side while cutting it
  6. Do not highlight any text / logo
  7. Do not staple the artwork, specially the logo / text to be printed
  8. Try and get as big a size as possible / avoid small sizes of artworks.
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